These aren’t just nice words that have been built into our logo and that we hope our actions reflect; these are descriptions of actions that have been in place for the 25 years of our organization. SHP Management Corp. employees work as a team across all levels of the company, from the vice presidents and corporate office in Maine to the regional and site staff scattered across the country. Our collaboration is what makes the whole stronger than the sum of all of our parts. We work together with respect and open communication to make not just our company strong – we work to make our communities strong as well. When a resident or an owner walks through a property managed by SHP Management Corp., we want them to see not just a building that is run efficiently and in a financially responsible manner; we want them to see a welcoming home with energy efficient upgrades, spaces for the community to congregate, and an SHP Management Corp. team ready and eager to maintain a high standard of management well into the next 25 years and more.